Are Plastic Extrusions Right for You?

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Plastic extrusions involve a process used to create parts with a fixed cross-sectional profile. Specifically, the process involves forcing molten plastic material through a die, which forms the polymer into a continuous shape that is cooled and cut to the desired length. At Applied Plastics, we provide plastic extruded rods, profiles, and tubing to meet […]

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Plastics Manufacturing from Concept to Production to Storage

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When it comes to plastics manufacturing, extrusions are one of the most efficient means of producing components with continuous shapes, including tubes, pipes, profiles, and rods. The process uses heat and pressure to form shaved plastic into components of varying colors, textures, and sizes, and that have a range of physical and chemical properties. The […]

8 Thermoplastics That Are Ideal for Custom Extrusions

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Applied Plastics provides custom plastic extrusions for almost every application, no matter how challenging. We produce tubing, profile shapes, and solid rods using a wide variety of materials. Thermoplastics have the advantage of being able to be reheated and remolded as required. Thermoset, on the other hand, is unable to be reheated or remolded after […]