At Applied Plastics, we are a 100% custom plastic extrusion shop. With 22 extrusion lines, we can custom manufacture extrusions for almost any application you have, and we will work with you to create the most effective yet economical plastic extrusion design for your project. Our in-house tooling allows us to craft and design plastic products that strictly follow your guidelines with fast lead times and lower costs.

What to Consider When Choosing In-House Tooling Services

The plastic extrusion process involves placing raw resin and any necessary additives into the extruder’s hopper. The resin is then moved slowly into the extruder’s barrel where it’s exposed to extremely high-temperature levels that help the material melt. From the barrel, the molten plastic is forced through a screen pack and fed into a feed pipe, which directs it into the die cavity where it cools and hardens. This process requires different types of plastic extrusion tooling, such as dies and other components.

At Applied Plastics, we offer in-house tooling services designed to reduce lead times and cut costs for our customers. Our skilled craftsmen create high-quality extrusion dies and downstream equipment, ensuring that manufactured parts meet your precise requirements. We produce tooling by utilizing state-of-the-art CAD software and in-house wire EDM machining capabilities, which allow us to manufacture complex and precise profile extrusions. By keeping our tool department in-house, we can significantly decrease lead times and manufacture your product sooner.

When choosing a partner for in-house tooling, it is crucial to consider the following factors:


Review the capabilities of each potential tooling supply partner and evaluate whether they can meet all of your business needs. This should include analyzing which processes they specialize in and what materials they can work with.


Timing is one of the most critical factors in sourcing a tooling supply partner, as it greatly affects costs and project timelines. Take the time to find a partner that can make quality tools within a reasonable timeframe, and stick with them for the long-term.


Tooling isn’t an industry that everyone can break into, so reviewing previous work of a company can tell you a lot about their experience and designing abilities. This will help prevent potential future errors as well as help you determine if a potential partner has the machinery and knowledge to meet your precise requirements.

At Applied Plastics, we have over 60 years of experience in thermoplastic extrusions, allowing us to efficiently create the necessary tools and materials to get your product to your door quickly. To create the most cost-efficient profile product, our engineers will work with you to develop guidelines and design recommendations based on your application and performance requirements. By utilizing CAD software, we can create 2D and 3D designs to help develop, modify, and optimize the design process. This allows us to craft comprehensive designs so that there are fewer changes and surprises when it comes to creating the physical product.

Plastic Extrusions Available

With our in-house tooling capabilities and 22 extrusion lines, we have the ability to extrude the following:

  • Tubing: We can produce tubing in all sizes with less than .062″ to almost 8″ in diameter, wall thicknesses from under .010″ to .750″ or more, and lengths from under .250″ to over 30’. We also offer special colors and custom packaging.
  • Profiles: We offer rigid or flexible profile shapes up to 12″ wide with wall thickness from .015″ to .750″ and lengths from .250″ to 35’. They come in clear or custom color match options and are made from commodity and engineering materials.
  • Rods: We can produce solid rod with diameters up to 1/2″ in polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester. We also offer special additives and custom colors.

Partner with Applied Plastics

If you have an initial idea of the parts you need, Applied Plastics can work with you to bring the product to life. Our in-house tooling design services and extensive plastic extrusion experience allow us to create your product with faster lead times and lower costs. To learn more about our tooling design capabilities for custom plastic extrusions, contact us today.