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testing-equipment-cuOn the cutting edge of custom thermoplastic extrusions since 1955, Applied Plastics has achieved a level of quality and service that is unsurpassed in the tubing and profile industry.

Quality parts, blanket order programs, part warehousing and Just-In-Time capabilities are only part of the total quality picture. Our Quality Assurance programs are in place to expand "Quality" to total customer satisfaction.

Developing partnerships with the customer is as important as providing total customer service. To this end, we track your order through the manufacturing process, can provide instant answers as to order status, and can expedite and follow up each order on an individual basis. In fact, our quality programs are so stringent and effective, that many of our customers have been able to discontinue incoming inspections of our shipments.

testing-equipmentTo ensure that quality is more than a buzzword, we have implemented a comprehensive Total Quality Management program to translate our commitment to a finite and exacting discipline. That commitment, coupled with our Statistical Process Control program ensures strict compliance with your custom specifications.