Applied Plastics is a 100% custom plastic extrusion shop

In House Tooling

Our in-house tooling department is unique in our industry.  Here our skilled craftsmen produce top quality extrusion dies and downstream equipment to ensure that your parts are manufactured to your precise requirements. The result is shorter lead time and lower costs for the customer.

These tools are made possible by utilizing state of the art CAD software, coupled with our in-house wire EDM machining capabilities, enabling us to produce extremely complex and precise profile extrusions. Since all this work is done in-house, lead time is cut significantly and your product is manufactured sooner.

Inventory Management

Paramount in any extrusion project is lead time. Applied Plastics prides itself in minimizing lead time. Our over 40 years of experience in thermoplastic extrusions allows us to develop the necessary tools and materials in an efficient manner, getting product to your door quickly.

Cutting lead time on repeat orders is made possible with our large finished goods warehouse. This capacity enables us to offer our customers the opportunity to enter blanket orders with split shipment releases as their production needs dictate.

We also utilize a computer-based bar code system to facilitate our Just-In-Time and warehousing programs. This system allows us to accurately keep track of customer product, status and current inventory levels. Our customers depend on us to maintain accurate information and delivery schedules.

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