The Process
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Applied Plastics is a 100% custom business.  That means we work with you from concept to completion, to ensure your extrusion is designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

01 toolingOur in-house tooling department is unique in our industry.  Here our skilled craftsmen produce top quality extrusion dies and downstream equipment.  The result is shorter lead time and lower costs for the customer.



02 rawAt Applied Plastics, we have all the necessary raw materials on hand, and have the ability to produce our own raw materials.  This is another way in which we reduce lead time and keep costs low.



03 qualityQuality control is a major component in every step of our manufacturing process.  Our Total Quality Management program, coupled with our Statistical Process Control program, ensures strict compliance with your custom specifications.



04 valueApplied Plastics offers a wide array of value-added services, making us a total one-stop shop for our customers.  We build our own secondary equipment, which we use for cutting, punching, engraving, packaging, and just about anything else a customer could need.



05 warehouseOur work doesn’t stop after we’ve completed a customer’s order.  Applied Plastics will store the order in our warehouse, either in bulk, or in specialized packaging.  We release a portion of the order to the customer, when they need it.



06 inventoryApplied Plastics manages inventory and purchase orders, by notifying a customer when their last shipment has left the warehouse.  That way the customer can re-order right away, to ensure more parts are ready when they need them.