Production Capabilities
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plastics montage_webThe size of our facility and the large number of extrusion lines set Applied Plastics apart from our competitors.

With our 22 extrusion lines, we have the capabilities to manufacture extrusions for almost any application. We have produced tubing of all sizes up to 8" diameter, and rigid or flexible profile shapes with wall sections up to 3/4" thick. We have co-extrusion capabilities for dual-durometer, and double and triple color combinations. In addition to our tubing capabilities, we can produce solid rod with diameters up to 1/2" in polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene.

large-diameter-tubeWe invite our customers to challenge us with special extrusion needs and difficult manufacturing problems. Our experience provides us with the capability to develop solutions.

Operating since 1955, Applied Plastics has produced a wide range of extrusions constructed using many different materials. Our sales and engineering team is committed to find the right combination for your product, no matter how complex.

Applied Plastics is a 100% custom plastic extrusion shop. This allows us to produce quantities for many needs. We pride our selves in in minimizing lead time. Some of our capabilities include:

Tubing Profiles Solid Rod
  • Less than .062" to almost 8" diameter
  • Wall thicknesses from under .010" to .750" or more
  • Lengths from under .250 inch to over 30 feet/pc
  • Custom colors
  • Special packaging
  • Up to 12" wide
  • Wall thickness from .015" to .750"
  • Lengths from .250 inches
    to 35 feet
  • Clear to custom color match
  • Commodity and engineering materials
  • Up to 1/2" diameter
  • Custom colors
  • Special additives
  • Available in polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene