Design Aid & Guidelines
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Designing for "performance" will focus attention on the most important dimensions and tolerance and lead to a "cost efficient" profile product.

CAD ScreenEach plastic material has its own characteristics which require variations in the extrusion process. The shape and dimensions of a profile are more readily controlled in some plastics than in others. For this reason performance of the profile on the job must be the basic design consideration.

The dimensions and tolerances required should be established by considering how the profile will be used. The non-critical dimensions should be discussed with our engineers for recommendations on the most economical design.

Some of the questions which must be considered are:

  • Is adverse applications environment a design criteria?
  • Is it possible to design a totally "balanced" wall section?
  • Can several small profiles be grouped into a common profile?
  • At which point does the profile mate with other parts?
  • How much will the mating parts vary?
  • Do mating parts move relative to the profile?